CSort SmartSort

24 August 18

One Machine For All Your Materials


  • The new generation of optical sorters manufactured by the Russian Company CSort Ltd.


  • Smartsort is designed to sort a wide range of bulk stocks not only according to their colour but also according to their shape and texture.


  • The production capacity of Smartsort varies from 50 kilograms up to 12 tons per hour depending on the product to be sorted.


  • The combination of innovations and the most modern components of the best quality, together with the long-term experience in designing the photoelectron sorters allowed us to create a new model of the colour sorter capable of solving the most complicated sorting tasks with maximum performance and convenience.


  • 100% quality of the apparatus is ensured by the quality control at all manufacturing stages. The compliance with the safety standards is confirmed by the CE Certificate.


SmartSort is distinguished by the following features


Neural Sorting Algorithm

Innovative neural sorting algorithms of sorting objects analysis help to solve the tasks which earlier were considered unsolvable. for example, sorting of striped sunflower, raisins with and without stems, wheat according to vitreousity, etc.  Application of the neural algorithm means that the program is capable of learning how to identify the set of the most difficult features describing such sorting criteria as intensity of a product or a defect, shape, size, mottling, flickering, etc.



Ergonomic Design

Smartsort is maximally maintenance friendly and easy-to-use and easy-to-intsall.  The hinged sections of the inspection system allow to easily access the most remote components of the colour sorter such as chutes, branch tubes of the accept and reject product, pneumatic rod etc.  for cleaning which is especially topical in case of sorting of dusty and oily products.  The convenient arrangement of the control panel increases comfort when adjusting and operating the apparatus.  The lightweight frame makes it easy to transport and assemble the colour sorter at the production line.



LED Lightning

The specially designed LED lightening designed with light-emitting diodes by leading manufacturers that has service lifetime exceeding 80 000 hours and provides stable sorting quality over the whole lifetime of the machine.  The combination of 4 basic lighting colors and backgrounds enables a higher sorting quality of complicated low-contrast products as compared to the traditional lighting systems.  The adjustment of lightning is performed from the operator’s panel in a split second and does not require any construction changes.





Our colour sorters are equipped with universal double-sided chutes.  The side with narrow channels is for sorting fine products – each removed grain will be directed exactly to the stream center of the corresponding nozzle, excluding the risk to stay in the good product flow.  When cleaning gross materials, a smooth side of the chute is used to increase




The smart cameras of the machine are assembled exclusively from high-tech components supplied by Kodak, Toshiba, Nikon, and Azure.  The highly sensitive CCD matrixes of 2048 pixel resolution provide high image detail of a material sorted which guarantees precise analysis and top quality of a final product.  Flexible setting system
provides recognition of 0.13 mm spots.




Choosing SmartSort one can always be sure that even when purchasing the machine of the minimum configuration it is possible at any moment upgrade it up to NIR, bi-chrome, or RGB camera configuration.



The reliable and high-efficiency Italian ejectors secure over four billions operations.  4.5 mm width of the air nozzles provides efficient removal of gross and subtle blemishes with low air consumption.


Block-modular design

SmartSort configuration varies from one to six chutes.  Its design allows increasing the production capacity on the basis of the available machine.  That helps to save funds, as compared to the purchase of a new optical sorter, as well as to save the space and avoid dismantling the old equipment and purchasing additional handling units.


Level Sensors & Remote Control

For controlling the product level in the loading hopper SmartSort can be featured with special level sensors which allow the machine adjusting to the amount of the product and the flow speed.  SmartSort can also be connected to the industrial automation control and monitoring system.



Every day we make all-out effort to fine-tune and improve the equipment software for the best sorting quality.  Moreover, the software can be remotely updated to the latest versions.  Smartsort is a key model to support the equipment throughout the total service life.



The self-intuitive menu of the operator’s panel with the user-friendly interface and a high degree of visualization simplifies and facilitates handling of the optical sorter.  The machine start-up is carried out by one touch.


Air Flow Reducer

SmartSort can independently adjust the operating pressure of the pneumatic system in accordance with the values set in a sorting program.  When going from one sorting program to the other, the pressure changes automatically.



SmartSort monitors in real time working efficiency of the major assembly units and components, timely notifying the operator of the events happening. If necessary, one can look up the self-diagnostics information in the log.


Cooling & Excessive Pressure

Equipped with a built-in cooling system Smartsort is ready for operation in hot and dusty premises, while the excessive pressure in the body prevents the sorter from dust.


Industrial Light Signal

SmartSort enables a quick visual tracking of the machine condition at a distance in three modes available: sorting, standby, error or emergency.



Ethernet technology significantly simplifies internet connection of the apparatus, enabling its remote adjustment, diagnostics and operation.


Energy Efficiency

Nominal power consumption does not exceed 1 kW depending on the configuration.

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