CSort Colour Sorters


Opt to be Smart

SmartSort is designed as a colour and texture sorter for cleaning a wide range of bulk materials, e,g. cereals, legumes and oilseeds, nuts, grass seeds and even frozen or dried fruits and berries. The combination of innovations and modern components of the best quality, together with the long-term experience in optical sorting allowed us to create a new model of optical sorter capable of solving the most complicated sorting tasks with maximum efficiency.

Smartsort colour sorter with 6 chutes
Smartsort colour sorter with 6 chutes


The Optimum Solution

OPTIMA colour sorter has proved itself to be reliable and stable. State-of-the-art developments allow for high production and space-saving features while system of analysis based on CCD cameras and new sorting algorithms have increased the sorting precision. OPTIMA colour sorter is completely ready for processing your product right after the purchase.

Optima New

CSort Technology

Colour sorting is a sorting technology of any bulk materials based on the product analysis by colour. Recently this technology has been recognized by many manufacturers.



The operation of the CSort machines is easy to use as described by the following method:


  • Input product is loaded in the sorter via in-feed hopper.
  • With the help of vibration, the material flows along the chute to the distribution channels.
  • Then the product gets into the inspection zone, where it is checked by CCD-cameras – An electric signal for the computer operating system is generated.
  • Depending on the signals received from the optical system, the computer control system sends the command to open the pneumatic valve (the ejector) which blows away grains different in colour.
  • The useful product directly flows into the good product hopper. The reject is blown off to the discharging hopper.
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