Magnetic separators


Chute Magnets

Chute magnets are mounted on the external body of chutes to collect tramp ferrous metal that flows across its surface.  These units are available in ferrite and RE configurations. Chute magnet designs cater for both large and fine tramp contamination…


Cone Magnets

Cone magnet, or bullet magnet separators are ideal for removing tramp iron from dry, free flowing granular and powder products in pneumatic or gravitational pipelines or chutes.  The product enters the housing and is evenly distributed…


Fluid Trap Magnets

Fluid trap magnets remove ferrous contamination from flowing liquids. Protech offers Rare Earth (RE) and Ferrite models, but recommends RE units in most applications, especially food applications.  These RE magnets generate a powerful magnetic field…


Grid Magnets

Grid magnets remove ferrous tramp metal from free-flowing granular materials as it flows over magnetic rubes. This magnet is typically installed inside a chute or a hopper.  Grid magnets can be custom made to your specific size requirements…


Magnetic Head Pulleys

Magnetic Head Pulleys can be a powerful tool in removing tramp iron from shallow product flows on conveyor belts. These head pulleys are filled with magnets and attract all magnetic contamination or tramp metal…


Overbelt Magnets

Permanent overbelt magnets are widely used to removed tramp metal from conveyor lines in various industries. These units are “always on” and the magnets themselves use no electricity. They get suspended over existing conveyors…


Plate Magnets

Plate magnets offer a reliable and economical solution to a variety of problems. These magnets are typically small and ideal solutions for applications where tramp metal comes into direct contact with the magnetic surface…

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