Colour sorters

Protech Consulting (Pty) Ltd have been awarded exclusive agency of the CSort, Multiscan & WECO machines throughout. This partnership allows Protech to offer dedicated and quality service and equipment to our clients in various industries.

Colour sorting is an innovative and energy-efficient process designed to optically sort various bulk materials from impurities which are hard to separate. The sorting is based on the visual properties of the product such as colour, shape, and texture in the full-colour RGB mode, infrared spectrum as well as in any other visible spectra.

Cutting-edge sorting algorithms for different products, flawless optical system and RGB LED-lighting of the backgrounds perfectly blend together to precisely identify various mixtures. Reliable and highly efficient ejectors integrated directly into the nozzles immediately and accurately blow off particles out of the product flow providing product purity up to 99.99%.


Multsican Optical Sorters

With over 1000 systems installed worldwide, Multiscan has been providing equipment for sorting and safety inspection in the food market for more than 15 years. Their vast experience in areas such as Table Olives, Cherries or Cherry Tomatoes allows them to be at the forefront of quality and safety sorting solutions for the agrofood market.



CSort is the leading Russian manufacturer of equipment for sorting products by colour. It has been developing its own colour sorters since 2008. The company has put roughly five hundred machines into operation. They are installed at large manufacturing concerns. CSort’s equipment provides the ability to sort practically all types of bulk products by colour.


WECO – Grape sorting

WECO (Woodside Electronics Corporation), based in California, has been designing, manufacturing, and servicing electronic sorters for over thirty years and has thousands of units deployed worldwide. WECO serves several industries: tomato sorting on the harvester; the walnut industry; and several small fruits including, blueberries, cranberries and wine grapes.

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