Chute magnets

Single Chute Magnets

Chute magnets are mounted on the external body of chutes to collect tramp ferrous metal that flows across its surface.  These units are available in ferrite and RE configurations. Chute magnet designs cater for both large and fine tramp contamination.

With their unique and simple cleaning mechanism, they are quick and effortless to clean and to clean rid the stream of any collected mild steel contamination.


  • Normally used for powder streams angled chutes.
  • They are easy to install and deliver great results.
  • They are easy-cleaning designed with a plate that can be swung away from the magnet

Double Chute Magnets

Magnetech provides a wide range of double chute magnets used in gravity-fed vertical chutes which convey low-to-high volume product streams. Typically installed below the flow, the product travels over the magnetic face, providing optimum ferrous tramp metal retention in a wide variety of chute application.

Magnetech offers single-step and double-step chute magnets to divert the product stream away from the magnet surface, while allowing tramp metal to be magnetically attracted to the magnet’s surface behind the collection steps.


  • Normally used in powder streams in free fall
  • The magnet has two plates on its sides and a central diverter that forces the flow to touch the magnetic plates
  • They are easy to install and deliver great results
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