Magnetic head pulleys

Magnetic Head Pulleys can be a powerful tool in removing tramp iron from shallow product flows on conveyor belts. These head pulleys are filled with magnets and attract all magnetic contamination or tramp metal to ensure that these items can be removed safely and consistently from normal product flow. Magnetic head pulleys are used at the drive end of a conveyor belt and with an additional feed bin and splitter plate magnetic contamination can be extracted and guided to this additional bin.

Protech’s magnetic head pulleys can be custom made to replace existing drive pulleys ensuring that all mounting and drive interfaces are maintained. Protech can also offer new magnetic head pulley designs if the client is still in the design phase of the project. Protech can also offer valuable advice and guidance at this early stage of a project to ensure that the magnetic equipment is used to its full potential.



These units are generally best suited to removing very fine contamination from product feed, or to remove contamination that is weakly magnetic, or paramagnetic.

  • Static (dry drum) – e.g. sugar, flour industries
  • Rotating (cheaper) – e.g. mining industry
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