Colour Sorters

CSort colour sorting is an innovative and energy-efficient process designed to optically sort various bulk materials from impurities which are hard to separate.


Magnetic Separators

Protech Consulting has been involved with the manufacturing, distribution and refurbishment of magnets and magnetic assemblies since 1996 in various industries.


Metal Detectors

Protech Consulting is the appointed Africa agents for HAMOS metal detectors. These metal detectors are used for fully automatic separation of metallic contamination.

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Magnetic Validations

At Protech Consulting we understand the importance of a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system and can assist by testing and evaluating your magnets that are used for metal contamination removal. Protech offers testing services that can be conducted on site to analyse existing equipment and their performance. Our magnetic testing equipment is fully certified and calibrated.

Technical Assessment

Protech Consulting offers a comprehensive range of magnetic solutions to assist in the requirement specific to the food industry. Protech offers advice with regards to the placement of each product, thus enabling the client to maximize their magnetic protection for each product line. This product overview will enable the client to gain a better understanding of what Protech offers.

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