Grain processing

Equipment for cleaning, drying, storing & processing grain

“Melinvest” Open Joint Stock Company is a multifaceted manufacturing company serving Grain, Food and Feed Industries.  The company is located in the Central European part of Russia in the city of Nizhny Novgorod (the former Gorky city) around 400 km to the North-East of Moscow.

The plant’s experience accounts for over 150 years, out of which the plant keeps its profile — flour milling and grain storing equipment manufacture — for more than a century.  Melinvest is known today as the company manufacturing highly efficient modern machines and equipment designed to increase capacity, to reduce cost and to rise profitability.

Modular concept of complex lines manufactured by Melinvest allows to upgrade the equipment practically without stopping its operation, thus extending functionality and increasing its productivity at the customer’s request.

Investments in the machines and equipment manufactured by Melinvest pay back many times and in a record short time. This is possible due to three key factors:

  1. Reduction of power consumed by
  2. Minimization of losses
  3. And improvement of the finished
    product quality
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