24 August 18

Reliable.  Stable.  Space-saving.


  • OPTIMA colour sorter has proved itself to be reliable and stable.


  • This model combines excellent operation qualities, easy control and space-saving ergonomical construction.


  • State-of-the-art digital technologies, double-sided inspection system and re-sorting function implemented in OPTIMA enable reaching perfect quality of the final product with minimal rejects.


  • The apparent advantage of OPTIMA is different sorting modes used, for example, to separate dark inclusions from a flow of light-colored grains or opaque inclusions from a flow of translucent grains.


  • This quality satisfies multiple functions and ability to select required modes for a specific production cycle.


  • Easy adjustment enables operator to individually and quickly readjust the sorter for a new crop.


  • In addition, all settings are composed and shown on the touch-screen, also, near the screen there are ejectors’ testing LEDs allowing normal operation control of each channel.



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