The Benefits of CSort Colour Sorters

24 August 18
  • CSort offer solutions for a multitude of food applications, including nuts, seeds, legumes and various grains.  It can also be used in the plastic and recycling industries.




  • The SmartSort Optical Sorter is an advanced optical sorter for a high-performance sort/grade on quality, colour and food safety.  The product combines intelligence with advanced control to provide sort flexibility and accuracy in a reliable, long-life, easy-to-use sorter.



  • CSort can double or even triple production capacity in comparison with existing colour sorters, thanks to our unique chute design.



  • The camera configuration includes NIR, Colour or Monochrome, a maximum of two behind and two in front of the product flow.



  • The ejector nozzles have automatic and independent pressure adjustment.  When moving from one sorting program to another, the pressure adjusts automatically in accordance to the value set in the operator’s panel.



  • Online diagnostic for software updating and parameter setting enables a quick visual tracing of the machine’s condition continuously, even from a distance.



  • The software is simple and easy to operate.  The machine start-up is carried out in our touch screens.   The operators work is facilitated by a self-intuitive menu on a panel with a high degree of visualization.


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